Grammy G's is now participating in "Sister Shops".

What is Sister Shops?

Sister Shops is a passport program designed to help stitchers find friendly, fun and fabulous places to shop for fabric.

Stitchers purchase passports from their participating home shop. They then visit other participating shops to collect stamps in their passport.  Stitchers bring their stamped passport back to their home shop to redeem a minimum of 10 stamps for gifts. 

To learn more about Sister Shops please visit the website at

Got an idea?! We can help! Our friendly staff is here for you Tuesday thru Saturday 10 am to 5 pm.

for visiting our web page. We could show you all our inventory and cool gadgets, but why spend all day on the computer when you can come in and see the inventory for yourself?! Our staff is here to serve you and all your needs.

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